Meet nine37.

The outline of an iconic watch. Minimalistic and yet incredibly detailed. Captured on a plain black surface, traced with perfect white lines in this monochromatic, noir-like theme. Meet nine37.

Passionate about illustration and horology, they’ve created masterpiece portraits of some of the worlds most beautiful watches. A wave dial Seamaster Professional 300. The BLNR Batman GMT. The renowned Moonwatch. Each piece takes on unique characteristics. Some include bold, bright colour, like their interpretation of the SKX009 for instance. Others remain completely black and white, keeping the design of the watch as the hero of the image.

This art is not exclusive to the watch obsessed, as their design language speaks to a broader audience and transcends those of us spending countless hours trawling through youtube feeds and watchuseek threads.

With prints starting at $40 and custom orders being available in the future, nine37 is surely one to keep a close eye on. View their entire range here:

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