The Best YouTube Channels to Follow for Watch Enthusiasts.

There are two things I follow religiously: watches & technology. Both provide me with a sense of hope and longing. The latest gadget. That upcoming Seiko JDM release. My wife does her best to give me feedback on my daily watch and strap combinations, or provide advice on whether I should sell my Samsung Galaxy to get the latest OnePlus device, however I can tell it’s a stretch for her. So naturally, viewing regular content on the things I’m most passionate about is of critical importance. In today’s post I’d like to highlight some of my favorite channels and maybe bring to light some that you aren’t familiar with.

Bark & Jack
Adrian from Bark & Jack brings a refreshing take on wrist watch talk. With interviews, rants and lots of coffee breaks, his opinion is honest and to the point. For lovers of Rolex, Oris, Seiko and Microbrands. Not for lovers of meticulously detailed reviews. And that’s not a critique, its just that his style is more relaxed, which is something that draws me to his channel when I’m looking to unwind from a stressful day.

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Federico Talks Watches

If you’re into watches then you most likely know Fed. Founder of Federico Talks Watches and Co-Founder of Delray Watch Supply, Fed has a vast subject matter knowledge regarding high-end luxury time pieces. Some of my favorite FTW episodes are a little more off the cuff, where he discusses industry news or just gives his opinion on a particular topic. Not for lovers of sales pitches, as he does this in every episode. Personally I don’t mind though! Its nice looking through his catalog of weird and wonderfully rare timepieces.

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The Urban Gentry

Like many of you, this is where it all began for me. The first episode I saw was the unboxing of TGV’s 70s Omega Seamaster with the blue dial and integrated bracelet. Why was he wearing gloves? Is his accent British? Italian? None of that mattered. His enthusiasm and passion kept me engaged. From Casio to Audemars Piguet, TGV shows appreciation for the history and significance behind each design. He is a story teller and a teacher. Entertaining and honest. Some of my favourite episodes are actually the motivational lifestyle pieces.

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Just One More Watch

Jory from Just One More Watch covers a lot of entry level brands and homage pieces. This is great for those looking to scratch an itch or indulge in that guilty pleasure. Not for watch snobs! A Scotsman living in Australia reviewing Japanese watches – doesn’t get more diverse than that! Jory remains unbiased and provides exposure to brands that the general public may not be familiar with.

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Theo and Harris

I’m a little torn to be honest. I love T&H, but it also makes me cringe at times. But I think that’s more due to my own insecurity, longing for a full head of hair and a solid gold datejust. Anywho, if you love vintage watches, the wonderful chemistry between a dad and his son and well written but sometimes annoyingly narrated content, head over to the T&H channel for some rants and the over enunciation of the letters T, K and P (you’ll get what I mean). But honestly, I do love Christian.

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