The Seiko SKX Revisited

I still recall unboxing the Seiko SKX009. Outter box, tracing paper, Seiko 7s26 instruction booklet (which I’ve come to hoard with each new redundant Seiko purchase over the years), inner box and the watch in question, wrapped in plastic with all the tags intact. In an attempt to not regurgitate everything ever said about the SKX, I’ll keep this short to my specific thoughts around the piece.

Seiko SKX on a curved end Belhamel rubber strap

When you buy a Seiko SKX, you unknowingly subscribe to a group of individuals who want, dare I say it need to see the balance of value vs money spent in everything they buy. See a bloke carrying a 20 pack of toilet paper on sale at Coles? Likely SKX owner.

Often in the watch community you come across the homage debate. You have those that see the logic in paying <10% of the Submariner asking price for a well finished case housing the reputable ETA movement, and those that tell you to hold out for the real thing. Then there’s a third group, who’ll tell you to just buy an SKX and keep the change, for a watch that may not have sapphire crystal or hacking, but does it need it?

Seiko SKX009j on an aftermarket Strapcode bracelet

As a somewhat experienced collector who doesn’t have the most expensive collection, but has made the mistake of buying mid-range watches that didn’t meet the hype, buying an SKX is the best thing you can do with <$300. Furthermore, it says a lot about a watch when you see it in watch boxes filled with Rolex, Tudor and AP – go figure when it takes hours for the day and date to change over. It’s a watch that makes you appreciate the more expensive in your collection and in the same way, makes you appreciate the SKX for what it is; a great value proposition that’s bound to put a smile on your face.

In recent weeks, news of the icon being discontinued was met with the launch of the $499 Seiko 5 reissue, in 27 variants, but with watered down specifications (no screw down crown?). Seiko are definitely trying to go up market, and it makes me sad to know that the once value packed, bang per buck models like the SKX, Sarb033 / 035, SARG007, SNA411 etc, are slowly being replaced with watches that are almost double the asking price for equal or reduced specifications.

Seiko SKX009j on an isofrane style rubber strap

Long short, the Seiko SKX is a must have watch for every enthusiast. And whilst there are those who are trying to sell them for a premium, they can still be found trending at around $300 AUD.

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