Belhamel Watches Debut Release Coming in Q4 2020

If you wear a Seiko SKX, you’ve likely heard of Belhamel. Recently arriving on the scene providing affordable and extremely well made fitted rubber straps for the SKX, Belhamel have quickly grown a modest following online and became the go-to brand for many when choosing a new strap for their beloved SKX.

In recent months, Belhamel announced that they’re transitioning to watches, putting 100% of their focus onto designing their new 70s inspired diver. Amazingly they’ve gone out to their followers with design decisions, truly designing a watch from the ground up with their customers in mind. I’ve seen a few brands do this, but none as engaging as Belhamel.


Their website currently has the following information regarding their upcoming release:

Belhamel is launching its first watch collection on Kickstarter in Q4 2020. We’ll offer a special early birds price at 40% off for a limited number of pre-orders. Make sure to join the waitlist so you won’t miss out.

You can sign up for updates and get the latest news on their website here:

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