Stowa Flieger Verus Black and Grey Limited – SOLD OUT

Last night Stowa announced a very special Black and Grey version of their Verus Flieger. Limited to 40 pieces world wide, by the time I woke up to write this article they were sold out.

Pictured: Verus Flieger Black and Grey. Source:

Reddot Design award winner, the Verus line is a functional and bold reinterpretation of the classic Flieger Pilots watches of the 1940’s. Staying true to the initial design requirements of the Flieger, the watch is extremely legible to the wearer, especially with its numerals, minutes track and hands covered generously with BGW9.

The watch is coated in what Stowa are calling TiC (Titanium Carbide), coming in at a crowd pleasing 40mm diameter and a very thin 10mm thick. Stowa specify that you can also configure the order with a top grade ETA upon request.

If you were lucky enough to have picked one of these up, Stowa would’ve asked you for 663,87 €, which is proof that some brands are still being reasonable with their limited runs (coughseiko).

If you want to drool over what could’ve been, head over to the Stowa website here:

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